Watch Los Angeles Dodgers Fans Run Over Clayton Kershaw's Jersey After Playoff Loss

Los Angeles Dodgers fans are not happy the season has come to an end and they are taking their frustrations out on star pitcher Clayton Kershaw as they ran over his jersey over outside Dodger Stadium. In the fifth game of the National League Divisional Series on Wednesday night, Kershaw, who is normally a starting pitcher, came into the game to help finish the Washington Nationals off since they were leading 3-1. But in the top of the eighth inning, Kershaw gave up back-to-back home runs and the Nationals ended up winning the game 7-3.

The loss ended the Dodgers' season after being considered the favorites to win the World Series and that's when fans started to attack Kershaw's jersey.

After the game, Kershaw shouldered all the blame for the loss.

"I had one job to do: Just get three outs. I got one out," Kershaw said according to ESPN. "Didn't get the other two and they went over the fence and it cost us the game right there. It's a terrible feeling. No excuses. Just didn't make pitches, and a guy hit it over the fence, twice."

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts is also taking heat for the decision to go with Kershaw in that situation since he's had issues performing in the postseason.


"I felt good about Clayton right there. (Adam) Eaton, and when you got (Anthony) Rendon and (Juan) Soto, so I felt that I liked Clayton. He threw, I don't know what it was, a couple pitches, and we had Clayton ready for whatever today. So for (Kenta)Maeda to go through Soto, Kenta in this role, we really liked him against the right-hander. And the success that Clayton's had against Soto with the two-run lead, I'll take Clayton any day in that situation. I just think it's one of those where it was easy for me to get Clayton, with the low pitches to get Rendon and to go out there and get Soto. And to have Kenta behind him. That was my thought, and not have Kenta go through Soto.

Kershaw is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. He has been with the Dodgers since 2008 and has won the Cy Young Award three times. Kershaw won the NL MVP award in 2014 and has been named to the All-Star team eight times.