Lil Wayne Shows up for Playoff Game Decked out in Packers Gear, Receives Custom Jersey

The Green Bay Packers are preparing to host the Seattle Seahawks in the final playoff battle of the Divisional Round. Securing a victory would set the stage for a return to the NFC Championship Game, and the Packers have a secret weapon on hand to provide support. A photo was posted on Twitter that showed rapper Lil Wayne decked out in Packers gear and ready for the game.

Wayne was already dressed for the occasion, but the team ensured extra support after providing him with a personalized Packers jersey. The piece of merchandise featured the number worn by receiver Davante Adams, 17, and had Tunechi on the name plate. This is one of the names that Wayne uses in his professional career.

While Wayne may have been born in New Orleans, but he shed any allegiance to the Saints after his father attended Super Bowl XXXI in 1997. Wayne told ESPN that his father came home with a bunch of Green Bay merchandise, including cups and towels. However, these were not simple pieces of merchandise. The family actually used the towels on a routine basis.

"They get put with the real towels," Wayne said on First Take in 2015. "You bathe and use those towels every day and those cups are used every day. I had to use a Green Bay Packers cup, a Green Bay Packers towel every day."

He continued by explaining that playing as Brett Favre in Madden only cemented his fandom. He permanently ditched the Saints and became a member of the Packers fanbase.

This love of the Packers has continued throughout the years and with the changes at quarterback. Favre is retired and enjoying his life hunting and has since been replaced by Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay has still found success in the form of a Super Bowl victory, and they hope to repeat this success. The first step will be defeating the Seahawks at home on Sunday night.


While achieving success will not be easy, there is hope that Wayne's influence will play a role. He will also join other fan-favorites as special guests at Lambeau Field as the Green Bay attempts to take care of business at home. Former Packers cornerback Al Harris and former Packers wide receiver James Jones were both on hand for the pivotal playoff game. They were also joined by Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis.

Photo Credit: Scott Legato/Getty