Kelly Kay, Super Bowl Field Rusher, Says Security Bruised Her Badly During Removal

An Instagram model named Kelly Green, aka Kelly Kay, attempted to run onto the field during Super Bowl LIV and rip off her dress. She did not make it very far due to being tackled by the security personnel. Kay is now saying that she has bruises from the incident and the manner in which she was handled by the personnel.

Speaking with TMZ, Kay explained that she didn't simply jump hop over a barrier and run onto the field. She said that the ledge was roughly 10 feet and that she had to take a running start to catapult herself over it. Once she hit the ground, Kay took off running for the field but was tackled before she could disrupt the game.

"I had so much adrenaline going that I don't even remember being tackled," Kay said, per TMZ. "My thoughts were just like, 'Damn, they got me.' But it did hurt, and I have bruises, like, from everything afterwards, but when it happened, no, it didn't hurt. My adrenaline was just so high."

Kay then proceeded to show off the bruises that were on both of her arms. She said that they were caused by the security personnel when they grabbed her and tackled her to the ground.

In addition to the bruises on her arms, Kay said that she was taken to a holding cell at the bottom of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. She said that there were four other girls with her, split between the two holding cells.

Kay continued to say that she was wearing only a skimpy bathing suit due to her dress getting ripped during the altercation. She said that she was detained – but not arrested – and was held in the frigid cell for eight hours. Kay says that she asked for a jacket or something to keep her warm due to the cold concrete floor but did not receive any assistance.

The Instagram model and the other women in the cell were ultimately transferred to Dade County, where they were processed and booked. Kay said that they were ultimately released, but she is sick due to being held in the cold cell for eight hours.


Kay could face up to a year in jail for misdemeanor trespass if she is convicted. For now, she is simply discussing the bruises that she allegedly got from the altercation with the security personnel.

(Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)