Johnny Damon, Former MLB Star, Arrested on DUI Charges

Johnny Damon, a former MLB star, was arrested for a DUI early Friday morning in Florida, according to TMZ. Damon, 47, was pulled over by police, who said his blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. Police tested his blood alcohol level after Damon showed signs of intoxication. The legal limit to drive is .08, and Damon's was "greater than or equal to .20."

The former Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees player was then arrested and booked on multiple charges including driving under the influence and resisting arrest without violence. His mug shot was taken and he spent time at a holding cell.

Damon played in the MLB from 1995-2012. He started his career with the Kansas City Royals and then spent with the Oakland Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Tampa Bay Rays and Cleveland Indians along with the Red Sox and Yankees. Damon is a two-time World Series Champion, and in November 2019, Damon said all athletes should visit the White House whenever they win a championship.

"That's one of the things you wanted to do when you won the World Series was go to the White House, regardless of what political affiliation you may or may not have," Damon said to TMZ when talking about the Washington Nationals, players who chose not to go to the White House after beating the Houston Astros in the World Series. "I think it's a great thing and if you do have an issue, that's the greatest time to talk about the issues that you see and try to make things work."

Damon spent the majority of his MLB career with the Royals (1995-2000) but is known for what he did with the Red Sox (2002-2005) and Yankees (2006-2009). He helped the Red Sox win the World Series in 2004, the team's first title since 1918. He then helped the Yankees win the World Series in 2009, the team's first championship since 2000. And he has an interesting way to compare the two franchises.


"I tell people Boston is like an ex-girlfriend where you wish them well and you loved being a part of it, but you know what, you move on, your life gets great, you marry your trophy wife and you have six more kids," Damon said on Break a Bat podcast. That's what New York was for me."