John Cena Teases Retirement From WWE After WrestleMania 36 Loss

John Cena competed in an interesting match at WrestleMania 36. He lost to Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Fun House Match, and it had led to fans wondering if the 16-time world champion will return to WWE based on the ending. On Cena's Instagram account, it looks like that might be the case as it is littered with pictures of Wyatt. However, Cena's Twitter account gives a little more clarity about his future, implying that the match against Wyatt could be his final match with the company for the time being.

Due to the movie projects Cena has tackled the last few years, he's only wrestling on a part-time schedule. When he was asked about retiring last year by the Today show, he said: "I will never walk away from WWE. That's the great thing about WWE, you can perform in any capacity, and, as long as I've made a promise in the in-ring aspect of things, as long as I can keep up with the current product, I can perform." However, Cena won't be working a full-time schedule anymore, as he said: "If I didn't have these opportunities, I still would be taking, actively taking, time off. My body just can't handle the schedule anymore."

Cena was one of WWE's top stars in the 2000s and 2010s. But as he has gotten older, and has gained more popularity, it has led to him landing more movie roles. He has been featured in his share of big-budget films such as Trainwreck, Sisters and Bumblebee. He's also set to star in Fast & Furious 9, and The Suicide Squad next year.


Cena was recently on the After the Bell podcast, and he talked about what the current roster of WWE Superstars need. He said (per "It (the generation) needs what I'm not sure it can produce, and that's just a state of where everything is now. Which is weird because it kind of always corrects itself. Where in a day and age where it needs a frontman or woman, and that's what will be able to define what the era is because it takes on those personality traits of its top star. Like I've said before I don't know if, all things considered, the crowd is so mixed that if the company puts its faith behind an individual, the knee-jerk reaction of the audience — even if they liked the guy last week — is to say, 'F— you, you're not going to tell me who I like!' So the audience is also tipping the scales of this not being able to happen."