Jesse Ventura Slams Anti-Maskers' Refusal to 'Sacrifice,' Says 'Hitler Would Have Won' If This Was WWII

Jesse Ventura has a message for the people who won't wear masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The [...]

Jesse Ventura has a message for the people who won't wear masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler doesn't understand why some people won't wear masks as the number of COVID-19 cases increases each day. He then compared what's going on now to what the country went through over 70 years ago.

"The country sacrificed in WWII. Do you think there would have been any argument over wearing a mask for the people of WWII? I'll tell you if we behaved like we are right now, Hitler would have won," Ventura said via Fox 7. "He'd a won because this country won't face any type of – they don't want to sacrifice."

Ventura made his comments during an event in Minnesota endorsing third-party presidential candidate Brock Pierce. During the event, Ventura wore a mask and took it off when he was speaking to the crowd. Ventura even called out President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask.

"What is wearing a mask? That is nothing to do, for it to be required to do that and yet we have half the country won't put it on because they got egos," Ventura stated. "We got a president that won't wear one and even gets sick and he still won't wear one. I'm just glad that this generation wasn't around when my mom and dad fought in WWII because we would have lost had we had the same type of response that we're having today to the simple things of sacrifice a little bit for the common good."

Ventura was the governor of Minnesota from 1999-2003. The 69-year old is known for his pro wrestling career but was also Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota before becoming governor. When Ventura was elected governor, he was part of the Reform Party. Earlier this year, Ventura joined the Green Party and even flirted with running for President.

Ventura made his pro wrestling debut in 1974 and ended his career in 1994. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 after having a strong run with the company in the 1980s. From 1985 to 1990 Ventura was a color commentator for the WWE, and his broadcasts with Vince McMahon and the late Gorilla Monsoon are remembered by die-hard fans.