Infamous 'Trump Baby' Ballon Flying Outside Bryant-Denny Stadium During LSU vs. Alabama Game

With President Donald Trump expected to appear at Bryant-Denny Stadium for the battle between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide, it's expected that he will be met with a variety of reactions. However, there will be more than simple boos or cheers thrown his way. The President will also be greeted by a massive 20-foot tall "Trump Baby" blimp.

According to the New York Post, protesters set out to raise $4,000 in order to bring the massive blimp to Alabama, but they surpassed their goal by reaching $5,675. The balloon will now float four blocks away from Bryant-Denny Stadium. As the GoFundMe campaign's co-founder, Nic Gulas said that the extra money will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative.

The balloon in question originally made its debut last summer in the United Kingdom. It depicts an orange President Trump in a diaper secured by safety pins. Activists refer to it as a "Very Important Protester."

While there were many on social media that were in support of bringing the baby balloon to Tuscaloosa, there were many others that thought this was just a waste of time. Additionally, some users were making wagers about how long the balloon would last before it suffered a puncture from a thrown bar dart or another projectile.

This is not the only protest that has taken place on account of the president's trip to Alabama. Friday afternoon, the Student Justice Coalition held a sit-in near the site of ESPN's College GameDay set. As the organizer, Tori Jones explained at the time that she believes the president brings a culture of "systemic racism" with him to Alabama, which will only exacerbate an existing problem.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that Trump has received a less than warm welcome to a sporting event. He was in attendance for Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals. When he was shown at the ballpark, the crowd reacted with boos. Additionally, some fans hung an "Impeach Trump" banner at the stadium to drive their point home.

Days later, President Trump was in attendance for UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden. This appearance was met with mixed reactions, depending on the source. Some said that the crowd was very anti-Trump while others say that he received a significant number of cheers. The President responded by saying that the "MAGA" crowd was in full force during the event.

Regardless of the response within the arena, there was a protest outside as many of Trump's detractors gathered upon hearing that he would be at the UFC event.


While Alabama has been known as an area that supports Trump, this isn't as accurate of an assessment. Like many other areas in the country, the opinions about the president are decidedly split, and they will be put on full display when he arrives for the game between LSU and Alabama.

(Photo Credit: TF-Images/Getty)