Hulk Hogan Clarifies Wife Jennifer's Beach Photo After Backlash

Hulk Hogan tweeted out a photo on Saturday morning that showed his wife, Jennifer, jumping for joy on a Florida beach. This image surfaced as several Florida beaches were reopening amid the COVD-19 outbreak, which led to some backlash on social media. Hogan has since clarified the image and explained that he was observing social distancing.

The longtime professional wrestler tweeted out an update after receiving numerous comments about his beach trip. "For the people that don't know or are just haters,that is my private beach that I bought and no one else is allowed one love one God4LifeafterLifeHH," he wrote as an explanation. He wanted to make it clear that he was allowed to be on the beach, as was his Jennifer. Additionally, Hogan was not letting any random civilians spend time on his private beach.

"Don't worry about those idiots, BROTHER, they're just jealous," one Twitter user commented after Hogan's explanation. Several others agreed with this sentiment and showed their support for the longtime wrestler. They believed that he was well within his rights to purchase a private beach and use it amid the pandemic.

While the majority of fans wanted Hogan to "forget the haters," there was one person that had a question. They wanted to know if the wrestler was able to use his beach considering that others had been closed for weeks. Did the stay-at-home order apply to his private slice of sand?

According to many fans on social media, Hogan's home is in Clearwater, Florida. People in this particular portion of the state drew considerable criticism in late March by flocking to the beach for spring break. News footage showed tourists and residents alike packed on the beach and trying to enjoy the water amid the coronavirus pandemic. Although the residents made a point to say that they were not the ones ignoring social distancing protocol by heading to the beach.


The local government took action following this incident and shut down the Clearwater beaches. Although it was never made clear if this order applied to Hogan's private beach. This was a prominent talking point on Saturday, especially after the wrestler posted the photo of Jennifer jumping for joy.

The answer was not provided on Saturday while the comments continued to pour in on Twitter. There were several arguments about whether or not Hogan was "flexing" about his wealth, but others just had a different question. They wanted to know why they were not invited to the private beach and asked about the best course of action to achieve this goal.