Hogan's Beach Shop: What to Know About Hulk Hogan's Stores

Hulk Hogan is a wrestler that drew attention for his bright clothing and handlebar mustache throughout his career. This distinct style led to multitudes of wrestling fans attempting to track down merchandise that would help them dress up like the Hulkster. As it turns out, there are two physical stores in Florida that fill this need, as well as an online store.

Back in 2012, Hogan opened the first of two stores in Florida. Hogan's Beach Shop, which originated in Clearwater before expanding into Orlando, has been described as "a shrine to Hulkamania." The store sells T-shirts, DVDs, autographed posters and memorabilia from his time in the wrestling ring. There are also various nods to his acting career, including Rocky III and Mr. Nanny.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the inside of the store features four TVs that play continuous highlights from Hogan's wrestling career. Tourists searching for custom championship belts or sleeveless Hulkmania shirts can do so while watching him face off with the Iron Sheik. They can also pick up copies of his autobiography, "My Life Outside the Ring," while purchasing sandals.

There are various other nods to Hogan's entire career, including a massive custom NWO motorcycle. He announced the addition to one of the locations on Twitter back in 2015. The bike was in front of the storefront, parked next to a statue of the Hulkster.

The original location of Hogan's Beach Shop held a grand opening on Oct. 26, 2012, and provided tourists and residents with the opportunity to spend $100 on a private meet and greet. The business found success, so Hogan opened a second store in Orlando in March 2017, temporarily taking over an old 7-Eleven convenience store until a massive building could be constructed.


Hogan grew up in the Tampa Bay area and attended the University of South Florida. He has spent much of his life in the area and owns a beachfront mansion in Clearwater, Florida. This home actually became a topic of discussion on Saturday due to arguments about whether or not Hogan has a private beach.

The longtime wrestler posted a photo of his wife, Jennifer, jumping for joy on a beach. Florida beaches had started to reopen on Friday and into the weekend, and it appeared that the couple had wasted no time heading to the sand. However, there were several users on Twitter that called Hogan out for this decision, so he had to clarify the situation. He explained that he has a private beach in Clearwater and that outsiders were not allowed.