See Gabrielle Reece Tower Over Friend Danica Patrick as They Unite for the NASCAR Alum’s Podcast

Danica Patrick has been finding success with her podcast since the very first episode, and she has brought many popular guests on to discuss their lives. She recently revealed the latest guest, volleyball star Gabrielle Reece, with a photo on Instagram and expressed excitement about the information provided during their long conversation. Although Patrick first had to acknowledge the fact that she is much shorter than her podcast guest.

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"The first time I met the beautiful [Gabrielle] I fell in love!!!!!" Patrick wrote in the caption. "My friend [Emily] asked if I want to go workout (dah), with Gabby (double dah).....and the moment she walked into the gym it was-game on-sit down-be quiet-pay attention-work hard-good form-let’s GO!!!!! And that is so my jam in the gym.

"What I have learned getting to know her over the last year is how honest, vulnerable, funny, relatable, humble, wise, and smart she is. I can’t wait to see what I will learn from her over the next year to 10 years! If you don't mind Gabby, I would like it if you would be my mentor."

As Patrick has shown with her Instagram account in recent months, she and Reece are very good friends. They work out together and constantly push each other. In fact, the former NASCAR star-turned-podcast host actually experienced something new due to this friendship.

Back in August, Patrick revealed that she had submerged herself in a cold tub for the very first time in her life. She had joined Reece her and Laird Hamilton's house in California for a workout and was tasked with facing a unique challenge. She had to first spend 12 minutes in a sauna set between 200-220 degrees and then immediately get into the cold tub for three minutes.

The experience was shocking for Patrick as she initially struggled to breathe, but she ultimately adapted to the change in environment and powered through to success. She also explained that Reece was critical to meeting this challenge due to the coaching that she provided. The volleyball star was next to Patrick the entire time she was in the cold tub, providing guidance and helping her focus.


Patrick and Reece have since spent even more time in the cold tub, using the ice water to help them prepare for workouts or recover afterwards. This process has become an important part of Patrick's life, and she has Reece to thank.

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