Floyd Mayweather's Daughter Iyanna's Mugshot Revealed After Stabbing Arrest

Floyd Mayweather's daughter, Iyanna, was arrested early Saturday morning in Houston after allegedly stabbing another female at NBA YoungBoy's Houston home. She was taken to Harris County jail after being arrested at 1:30 a.m. on charges of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Days later, her mugshot surfaced on social media.

"If they had been social distancing this wouldn't have happened," one individual tweeted in response to the mug shot. Others agreed with this sentiment and asked about Iyanna's disregard for self-quarantine recommendations. They felt that she should have been home trying to avoid the COVID-19 outbreak instead of confronting Jacobs at NBA YoungBoy's home.

The incident allegedly began when Iyanna confronted both YoungBoy and a female victim named Lapattra Lashai Jacobs. Iyanna reportedly claimed that she was the rapper's fiancée and told Jacobs that she should leave the house. Jacobs reportedly then responded by telling Iyanna to leave. The argument then moved into the kitchen where Iyanna was reportedly holding two knives.

She then allegedly stabbed Jacobs multiple times, resulting in the 35-year-old being transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Jacobs suffered several lacerations to her bicep, per TMZ, and required surgery. She is reportedly in stable condition following the procedure.

Mayweather has not responded to the incident involving his daughter. He has been primarily focused on one of his other children in recent days. He posted multiple videos on Instagram that showed him teaching Koraun Mayweather the boxing fundamentals. Although he did make a comment about his parenting skills.


"Never claimed to be perfect, but I strive to be the best father possible. #DaddyDuties @kingkoraun," Mayweather wrote in the caption of a post from Monday. He then showed himself teaching Koraun about proper footwork, as well as ways to throw a punch. The instruction continued in another video with Mayweather having his son throw four jabs with his left hand while moving across the ring.

While Mayweather said that he strives to be the best father possible, there were some users on social media that claimed he is partially responsible for Iyanna's actions. The retired boxer was accused by his ex-girlfriend, the late Josie Harris, of attacking her in 2010. Harris alleged that Mayweather grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the couch, striking her in the head, face and arms. She also said that their children had witnessed the entire incident. Although it was not reported if Iyanna was one of those present in the home.