Dallas Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott Receives Fan Backlash With Instagram Post Before Game

The Dallas Cowboys kick-off against the New York Giants as America's Game of the Week on Fox, had running back Ezekiel Elliott very excited. The fourth-year star is back with his team after an offseason holdout, and he is ready to feast on the Giants defense. This terminology of "feast" is apt considering that Zeke is best known for a celebration in which he motions for the team to continue feeding him, and he is using that idea to build up hype for Sunday's game.

Early in the afternoon, Zeke posted a photo of himself on Instagram, showing him walking onto the field. In the caption, he wrote, "You know the vibes, somebody set the table." In essence, he's ready to eat, and the Giants defense will be providing the main course.

Unfortunately for Zeke, the fan reactions were not exactly what he expected. There were certainly those that were happy about his post, but many others found the time to take shots at the running back for his holdout.

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One of the main responses to Elliott's post was that fans want to see him actually justify the massive contract that was awarded last week. As user one critic wrote, "Aye crybaby, you better take us to the Super Bowl, or all those tears you made to get paid was for NOTHING."

However, the troll was not the only person to take a shot at Elliott in the comments section. Another added her thoughts on the matter while setting some bold expectations for Zeke's return: "First down every time he touches the ball. At least two touchdowns a game. All of that drama in the preseason better be worth it damn it [laughing out loud]," she wrote.

Finally, another user felt the need to revisit the six-game suspension that limited Zeke in 2017. In response to the question, "What's for dinner?" the user wrote, "domestic abuse."


Ultimately, the concern is over how the Cowboys can achieve victory in Zeke's return to action. Can the defense hold Barkley in check? Will the Cowboys offense control the pace of the game early and build up an advantage on the scoreboard?

Controlling the game and playing the type of football that head coach Jason Garrett prefers will be the key for achieving victory on Sunday, and the biggest factor is the rushing attack. Dallas needs to win the battle between offensive and defensive lines and tally more than 100 yards on the ground. Although 150-200 would be preferable for this team. Fortunately, this will be made easier with the return of starter Ezekiel Elliott. The $90 million man is set to make his season debut after an offseason holdout, bringing relief to thousands of Cowboys fans.