ESPN Analyst: Cowboys' True Problem is Owner Jerry Jones, Not Jason Garrett

The Dallas Cowboys are sitting at 6-5 following a loss to the New England Patriots, and the future is uncertain for head coach Jason Garrett. Will he be fired prior to the season's end? Is he really the problem in Dallas? According to former Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears, Garrett should be fired, but owner Jerry Jones is the true problem.

Wednesday morning, the NFL defender-turned-analyst explained on First Take why Jones is the one causing the frustration in Dallas. In order to do so, he compared the owner to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. As he explained, when the company goes bankrupt, the lawyers and chief financial officer aren't blamed. The CEO is the one receiving criticism.

"Jerry Jones, for a few years now, because we all can agree that we should Jason Garrett probably should have been gone a little bit earlier than what he will be this season. For all intents and purposes, [Jones] let his personal relationship with Jason Garrett possibly cost him an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl.

Jones has long been viewed as someone that has strong positive feelings about Garrett, which Spears mentioned with his comments on Wednesday. This was proven to be accurate the day prior to Thanksgiving when Jones appeared on NFL Network's GMFB. As he explained on Wednesday, the Cowboys owner is a self-admitted "Jason Garrett Man."

"Let me tell you, no one in this country has earned the right to say 'I'm a Jason Garrett man' more than me. I am his man," Jones said per "And we want the very same thing. And that's for our players to play at their very best and we want his staff to coach at their very best."

Granted, Jones did add further details to his statement by saying that Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys have to "come in first" this year. The longtime coach and former backup quarterback of the Cowboys will essentially have to win the Super Bowl to keep his job.

As both a backup quarterback and a member of the coaching staff, Garrett has been with the Cowboys for 21 years. However, his time may soon be running out if the team does not perform up to Jones' expectations. No matter what happens, however, the ESPN analyst in Spears believes that the owner made a mistake by not firing Garrett some time ago.


(Photo Credit: Bob Levey/Getty)