Erin Andrews and Stacey Dales Mask up for Saints vs. Bears Selfie

Sunday afternoon, Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews headed to Soldier Field in Chicago to watch the Bears play the Saints. She ran into a familiar face at the game, albeit one covered by a facemask. Andrews caught up with NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales, prompting the two to take a selfie.

"A tiny bit of normalcy in the front row of Saints v Bears. Love you [Stacey Dales]. Thanks for bringing a smile to my covered up face. She's a Canadian, of course she's a beauty!!" Andrews wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. Dales responded with a comment of her own and poked fun at herself in the process.

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"Pandemy stadium diaries. I love you [Erin Andrews] ... thanks for reminding me to wear my mask right side up," Dales added to the conversation. The comment referenced her wearing a branded NFL Network mask incorrectly. The photo showed that the logo was upside down.

Sunday's game was anything but ordinary for the two reporters. They provided updates to their respective networks, doing so in front of zero fans. The Bears are not allowing any fans in the stands during the 2020 season, citing Chicago's health metrics as the reason. The team has left the door open for potential attendance if the public health situation changes, but that is not happening just yet.

While the battle on the field was not one that sparked attention due to the high score, it did provide numerous memorable moments. Saints kicker Will Lutz missed an easy field goal but rebounded in time to make the game-winner in overtime. Additionally, Bears wide receiver Javon Wims punched Saints defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, earning an ejection in the process.


The incident occurred when Wims ran up and tapped Gardner-Johnson on the chest. He then sucker-punched the defensive back. The second time, Wims hit Johnson with an open-handed slap to Gardner-Johnson's face mask. Saints cornerback Janoris Jenkins then ran up and jumped Wims' back and rode him to the ground as a fight began.

The NFL responded to the on-field incident by suspending Wims for two games. He will appeal the decision on Tuesday and attempt to get the suspension reduced or vacated. If the appeal fails, Wims will be eligible to return to the Bears on Tuesday, November 17, following a game against the division rival Minnesota Vikings.