Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Hypes UFC 244's 'BMF Title' Main Event With Classic WWE Style

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was known for being a "bad" man during his time in the WWE, and now he is bestowing that honor upon a UFC fighter. He will be a guest presenter at UFC 244 on Saturday, and he will be handing out a special belt to either Jorge Masvidal or Nate Diaz. This will be the belt worn by the BMF (Baddest Mother F---er).

Johnson provided a sneak peek into his role on Friday night, showing off the weigh-ins between Masvidal and Diaz. In this Instagram video, the two fighters were shown while the much-bigger Johnson stood by holding the belt. Unsurprisingly, the stands were packed and the fans were loving this moment. To top off everything, Johnson yelled into the microphone and truly got the competitive juices flowing.

"Being on this [UFC] stage with them, you can FEEL this strong calm before the storm energy between [Nate Diaz] & [Jorge Masvidal]," Johnson wrote in the caption. "Their body language and eyes say it all. These two warriors are gonna light it up at the Garden tomorrow night!!! Honored to present this new and one of a kind, BMF Title to the winner."

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This belt was originally created by UFC president Dana White after Diaz said that this fight would determine the "real baddest mofo in combat sports." Bringing this concept to life cost an estimated $50,000 to produce according to TMZ Sports.

As Johnson said on Friday night, the belt either goes back to "Stockton or Dade County. Either way, it'll belong to the BADDEST MF on the planet. Period." The former WWE star also said that he wants to see both of these men, as well as all of the other fighters, make as much money as they can on Saturday night.

Of course, this fight means more than just making money for Diaz. He recently explained what it means to be the "baddest mother f---er" on the planet. This is a title that he believes belongs to figures such as Mike Tyson and former UFC pioneer Royce Gracie. These are the figures that can beat anyone at any time and are viewed as the best of the best.

Diaz believes that he is the best fighter in the whole UFC and winning the belt in front of The Rock would validate that belief.


The battle between Masvidal and Diaz will take place on Saturday night at 10:00 p.m. EST.

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