Drew McIntyre Makes It Clear He Wants to Fight John Cena

Could see Drew McIntyre take on John Cena in the near future? McIntyre recently spoke to Melissa Nathoo of On Demand Entertainment and discussed that he wants to fight Cena very soon. This comes after Cena revealed he's looking to return to WWE after being off WWE television for over a year.

In the interview, McIntyre said, "100% I hope it does happen. I've been around John since I was 22 years old. I just turned 36 last week and we've never had a significant singles match. We've actually never had any singles match, which blows my mind. We've been in tag matches together, multi-man matches together, but never had a singles match."

McIntyre has been on the rise for the last year, winning the Royal Rumble in January 2020 and the WWE Championship twice. He has become a main eventer, which means a match against Cena would be perfect for SummerSlam in August or WrestleMania next year. Regardless, McIntyre believes a match with him and Cena would be huge for the WWE and its fans.

"Where I'm at today career-wise, managing to reach the top in the industry after so many ups and downs and where John is at… he's at another level right now," McIntyre said. "He's conquered WWE and he's conquering Hollywood now. He still loves WWE more than anything and wants to come back to help and have those big matches. There's no bigger match as far as I'm concerned than John Cena vs. Drew McIntyre."


It's not clear when Cena will make his return. However, he recently talked about turning heel when he does come back. "I think this is the beginning to showcase the fact that it's possible," Cena said to Chris Van Vliet earlier this month. Now as WWE invests and builds its roster, it has a wealth of talent and truly has many anchors to the ship now. Certainly [with] Roman [Reigns] being a very, very marketable and definitive star. I think the reason for me not to explore that side is because WWE didn't feel confident they had any alternative [top star in the company]. And I respect that business choice, I really do. But now with them really laying their foundation for the future, even for life in the next decade or so, maybe... maybe. I don't know."