40-Year-Old Drew Brees Continues Working by Himself After Practice, and Saints' Fans Love It

NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has long been viewed as the hardest worker in the league, [...]

NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has long been viewed as the hardest worker in the league, especially after he has flooded social media with videos of him grinding on the practice field. Now, however, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees may be taking the title. At least, video evidence provided by former teammate Reggie Bush shows the ethic of the 40-year-old as he is on the field, by himself, just trying to get better before a critical game.

Sunday afternoon, the former Saints running back in Bush posted a video from inside the team practice facility. He was standing at one end of the building and was filming Brees from a distance. The QB was unaware that he was not alone on the field and was instead simulating plays.

"A lot of people in this world wanna be great," Bush said while filming his former QB. "A lot of young guys talk about it. They want to be flashy. A lot of young guys want the quick, easy shortcut route to greatness. Ain't no shortcuts to greatness, man. This is what it's about right here."

As Bush explained, this video was captured 40 minutes after the Saturday walkthrough had ended. The other players had gone home for the day, but Brees was still out on the field and getting his mental reps as part of preparation.

"Goat," one fan wrote on Twitter after seeing Brees working by himself. Another simply posted an animated Gif of a goat chewing some food. In their opinion, the star QB is the greatest.

"Increíble. Makes the most. Works the hardest. Novel concept my friends," a fan on Instagram wrote in response to Bush's video.

Of course, the appreciation for Brees was not simply limited to fans of the Saints. There were some that cheer for the Los Angeles Chargers that experienced a mixture of anguish and adoration after watching Brees take in his practice reps.

The Super Bowl-winning QB started his career with the San Diego Chargers, but he was sent to free agency after a shoulder injury. The Bolts forged ahead with draft pick Philip Rivers while Brees headed to New Orleans. There are some Chargers fans that are happy for his success, but many others simply wish that Brees was still in southern California.

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Bachman/Getty)