Watch Donald and Melania Trump Behind-the-Scenes Video Reveals Moment Right Before National Anthem

Monday night, President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, were on hand at the College Football Playoffs National Championship. They took part in the national anthem, which was showed on the ESPN Broadcast. However, a different angle of the festivities has now been provided.

The president's director of social media at the White House, Dan Scavino, provided a unique look into the pregame festivities. He showed Trump and Melania standing at attention in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome's tunnel, waiting for their cue. He proceeded to follow them out onto the field for the national anthem.

To cap off the video, Scavino showed Trump and Melania walking away as the crowd cheered for them. Some fans waved in response while others captured the moment with their phone.

Watching the president's introduction on ESPN provided one view of the pregame celebration, but Scavino's video gave a very different look. Not many people have access to the president and his wife in such a manner, but this behind-the-scenes clip put them in a different perspective.

Of course, this did create some arguments on social media as many voiced their support for Trump. Others responded by explaining the various reasons why they no longer see the president in the Oval Office.

"Saw them walk onto the field. The crowd went nuts!" one user wrote on social media.

Others said that the cheers were thunderous. Although many other individuals on social media disagreed with this assessment.

As some football fans wrote on social media, they believed that the only reason Trump was receiving a standing ovation is that this game was being played in the south. Both Clemson and LSU are from southern states, which many said attributed to the positive reception.

"Everyone was screaming USA USA USA," one individual on social media wrote while adding in multiple American flag emojis.

Arguments on social media aside, there were some that simply appreciated the backstage pass to this national anthem, so to speak. Trump primarily appears on camera as part of TV broadcasts, which was proven by the ESPN footage. Having Scavino show him in the tunnels and oblivious to the cameras caught many by surprise.


"Dan, you always get the coolest footage, love it!" another user added on Monday night.

(Photo Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)