Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy Says Roger Goodell Won't Honor Agreement After Winning Bid to Watch Football With NFL Commissioner

Dave Portnoy believes NFL commissioner Roger Goodell won't watch a football game with him despite a recent auction prize the media exec won. The Barstool Sports founder was recently on WFAN's Boomer and Gio and said he would be surprised if Goodell will honor the agreement due to the tension between the two. Portnoy put in a $250,000 bid to watch a Monday Night Football game with Goodell in his basement.

"I'd be very surprised if they honor the agreement," Portnoy said. Crazier things have happened … but nothing would be more surprising to me than him honoring his agreement." Boomer said Goodell would likely honor the deal as it would be good for the league. But Portnoy is not too optimistic. "I do not think he's a man of his word," Portnoy added. "I think he's told a million lies. He's rarely given the opportunity to a reporter to ask him the difficult questions. ... He surrounds himself with softball questions."

If Portnoy is allowed in Goodell's home, he said he would ask him the tough questions that haven't been asked by other reporters. "The way he's handled major scandals…he made Deflategate the lead story in the world for like two years," Portnoy said. "To me, he's done a very poor job in PR. The business side, he's the most overpaid human who ever lived … If I grew up as the son of a Senator and around the NFL as long as he has, I could do that job. … He gets paid $40 million a year to be a punching bag."

It was five years ago when Portnoy and three of his employees organized a protest outside NFL headquarters in New York. They wanted to speak with Goodell regarding how he handled Deflategate and Tom Brady but ended up in custody. The relationship with Barstool Sports and the NFL hasn't gotten better as the league barred Portnoy's company from covering the Super Bowl. Portnoy was also kicked out of Super Bowl LIII despite being a paying customer.

"Good charity. Great charity. I'm happy to give the money. Let's f–king help people," Portnoy said in a Twitter video. "We got all day. Football takes what, three, four hours? No handcuffs, no jail. I won fair and square. Let's put that money to good use. Call me. Man cave. Your place. Let's f–ing do it."