Dallas Cowboys Use Tony Romo to Calm Crowd After They Start Booing During Thanksgiving Game Against Buffalo Bills

Dallas Cowboys fans are not happy right now. On Thanksgiving Day, the Cowboys lost to the Buffalo Bills 26-15 and they are now 6-6 on the year. But while the game was going on, fans were booing the team for their performance, which led to the team showing former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on the big screen to calm everyone down. Romo was in attendance because he was the working for CBS Sports as the color commentator for the game.

Cowboys fans still love Romo and there were a few fans to go on Twitter to ask the Cowboys to bring him back in some capacity.

"Just remember [Tony Romo], with great power comes great responsibility. Now, can you change this water to wine?" one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another fan wrote, "Bring in Tony for Coach!" And there were a number of fans to say he's still loved in Dallas.

"Who doesn't love him? Is it even possible?" another fan wrote.

The majority of fans will always cheer for Romo. However, there were a few Twitter users who don't understand the appeal since he didn't lead them to a Super Bowl while he was still playing.

"How sad, the Dallas fanbase is so f––ing castrated over the last 25 years that they DON'T boo one of the biggest losers ever — Romo. Danny White (led Dallas to 3 straight NFC title games) was a GOD compared to Romo, but Cowboys fans would still take Romo over him," one fan wrote.

"Cowboys fans had a right to boo the team because of the way they were playing," another wrote.

"Fans have just as much right to boo as they do to cheer. You may not like it but if cowboys want fans to cheer they need to give them a reason. Fans are not autobots!" added another.

The Cowboys are still in a position where they can reach the playoffs. However, they have yet to beat a team with a winning record this year, so fans aren't confident the team will make a run even if they qualify for postseason play.


As for Romo, he led the Cowboys to the playoffs four times during his career. He was never able to get past the divisional round but he was still one of the top quarterbacks during his time, reaching the Pro Bowl five times and finishing with a 78-49 career record.