Dallas Cowboys Fans Brawl, Toss Haymakers at Chicago Bears Fans at Soldier Field

Thursday night was not good for the Dallas Cowboys as they lost to the Chicago Bears 31-24. Cowboys fans were so angry about losing another game, a few of them took their frustrations out on some Bears fans. While the Bears were taking down the Cowboys, a few fans fought each other in the concourse of Soldier Field. The Cowboys fans were throwing haymakers at the Bears fans, but it looks like nobody was seriously hurt.

As of Friday morning, no arrests have been reported and the names of the fans involved in the fight have not been released. But NFL fans had a lot to say about the fight.

One fan thinks this fight is nothing compared to what they do at soccer games in Europe. "European soccer fans are probably watching this and wondering when the fight's gonna start," they wrote.

Another fan believed the fight was the most entertaining part of the game: "I watched all 3 hours of that game. And that 30-second clip was more entertaining than the game itself."

This likely won't happen, but a fan has an idea to prevent fights from happening at games. "Start banning alcohol at sporting events. I'll bet the number of brawls will dramatically decrease," he wrote.

Another fan was disappointed kids can no longer attend NFL games because of fights: "An NFL football game is the last place on earth u would ever wanna take your kid. That's very very sad."

For the Bears, it was a big win because they are now 7-6 and they remain in the playoff race. As for the Cowboys, they are still in the hunt to win the NFC East despite having a 6-7 record. However, they have lost their last three games and they have yet to beat a team with a winning record this season. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spoke to reporters after the game and he's tired of seeing his team losing games.


"It's leveled out here. It's losing, losing, losing. I'm not trying to be funny here, but the point is we've got to win a football game," Jones said per ESPN. "I don't care what the standings are, what the numbers are. We had thought that we could come up here and play a good team, play a fine football game and get our act to where we're starting to look like a team that could — if we, by the slim chance, get in the playoffs — where we could win. We can't do that until we play and start winning the football games, and we've got three more to play. When we do that, we can go."