Watch Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ride on Daughter's Tiny Toy Car in Fun Home Video

Dale Earnhardt Jr. loves being a family man. In a recent Instagram post, Earnhardt is seen with his daughter, Isla and her toy car. And being the racing man Earnhardt is, he got on the toy car and started riding on it with his daughter. So it looks like Isla will be joining NASCAR in 25 years if things continue at this pace.

Earnhardt's post got a ton of love from his fans who gushed over the tender moment.

"So darn cute!! Looks like you both enjoyed it! I tried that with my great-nephew's and it wasn't as pretty as you two," wrote one fan.

"I love that to Isla you're just Dad and nothing else matters," another fan added.

"So very are good dad Dale...treasure these times," a third fan wrote.

"Those are great. Mine is 14 years old and still looks almost new. They use it all the time," another fan added.

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If Isla does decide to get into racing, Earnhardt hopes she will be able to race in Nashville. Recently Earnhardt and his wife, Amy, were in the Music City for the NASCAR Cup Awards Banquet and said he would race more if NASCAR returned to Nashville.

"If they ever did run a (NASCAR) Xfinity race there and it's in the next four or five years I'd love to put that on my calendar as a race to go run," Earnhardt said. "Because that was a lot [of] fun when we used to race there in '98 and '99. I had more fun probably racing the late model there with [Joe] Buford and [Chad[ Chafin and all of those guys back in the day."


Earnhardt stopped racing full-time in 2017 and he only takes part in one race per year. Earnhardt said he loves racing in Nashville because of its history with racing and music.

"This town feels like a homecoming in a sense, for our sport, there's a lot of history here with NASCAR," he said when talking about the Fairgrounds Speedway and another racing complex outside of Nashville. "But there's also a great, great relationship, a strong relationship with the music industry here in Nashville, that can only get stronger and present a lot of opportunities for artists and our drivers to do a lot of work together and cross-promote throughout the year. It's a fun town to celebrate anything in, so we're enjoying that."