'Cut Kobe' Trends During Lakers Fans' Nightmare Twitter Game

With sports on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak, fans have been passing time on Twitter with games that require them to make difficult choices. Selecting top desserts or video games have been recent examples, but one game became excruciating for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers. They were required to say that they would "cut Kobe Bryant" from a hypothetical NBA roster.

One fan sent out a tweet that required fans to bench, start and cut the best players in Lakers' history. The three options were Magic Johnson, Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. At first glance, some fans felt that this was an easy decision, but the conversation quickly created some disagreements. Once they began looking at the number of rings won by Bryant (five), Johnson (five) and Abdul-Jabbar (six), the conversation took another turn. Some even responded by saying that Bryant should be cut.

"Start Magic Bench Kareem Cut Kobe," one fan responded on Twitter. Several others chimed in and agreed with this opinion. They even said that this was the only right answer. Although some said that Abdul-Jabbar should star while Johnson rides the bench.

Those that felt cutting Bryant was the best decision still had some disagreements about the other options. Several wanted to start Abdul-Jabbar given his dominance on the court during his career, as well as the six rings that he won in his career. Others, however, felt that he wouldn't have found this success without Johnson.

This was not a universal opinion, however, as several fans that grew up watching Bryant added their thoughts about the game. There were some that did not question whether or not to cut Bryant. They wanted him on the roster and leading the hypothetical team to the Promised Land.


"Easy Start Kobe Bench magic Cut Kareem Magic said himself Kobe was better, I need defense , magic couldn't guard his own position Kareem Had a PG average a triple double, had the greatest team / PG ever Was missing the playoffs in his prime until magic," another fan added to the conversation. This opinion was met with some criticism as several Lakers' supporters wanted to argue about the number of "Hall of Famers" on Abdul-Jabbar's team. Others mentioned an eye infection that caused Abdul-Jabbar to miss one game during the 1986-87 season.

The disagreements continued for hours as Lakers fans struggled with the difficult choices. However, there were a few that just didn't want to have this conversation. Instead, they simply pointed out that all three players could start considering that they played different positions. There was no reason to cut anyone.