Cowboys' Mike Nolan Stops Media Conference Call After Getting Hot Sauce in His Eye

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan had to step away from his weekly media conference [...]

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan had to step away from his weekly media conference call due to a hot sauce accident. On Monday, Nolan was in the middle of answering a question about defensive lineman DeMarcus Lawrence. That's when he accidentally rubbed some hot sauce in his eye.

"He's been active every week as far as, I think, disrupting the quarterback. He's escaped several times to do that," Nolan said. "Obviously, the frustration for him as well is -- look, it's when he misses them. Whoop, excuse me. I've got something in my eye. Just had some Tabasco on my finger, and it went in my eye. That wasn't good. Ugh. Terrible, jeez. I'm sorry." He was able to return to the conference call after clearing out his eye. "My eye feels a lot better," he said, "but it was burning."

Nolan's accident sums up the Cowboys' 2020 season. The team is 2-5 after seven games and have only won seven of their last 20 contests. The defense has struggled this year, allowing 401.8 yards and 34.7 points per game, which ranks dead last in the NFL.

"We've had spurts where we've played good, whether it was three-and-outs," he said. "What was it, there was about 28, 29 plays into the Arizona game where I thought we were playing a pretty good ball game, and then we did not play good for a stretch there. To me, it's the consistency."

One major blow the Cowboys suffered was losing starting quarterback Dak Prescott to a season-ending ankle injury a couple of weeks ago. And this past Sunday, Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton left the game after getting hit in the head by Washington football team linebacker Jon Bostic. But even with the Cowboys having a 2-5 record, they are only a half-game behind the Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East lead.

The expectations were high for the Cowboys as they hired Mike McCarthy to be the head coach. McCarthy won a Super Bowl when he was head coach of the Green Bay Packers in 2010. "I know we've got the right head guy for the job. It's a work in progress," Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said to 105.3 The Fan. "... These things just take time. I know our fans are frustrated. We certainly understand the criticism that's coming our way."