CM Punk Reveals If Wife AJ Lee Will Return to Pro Wrestling

CM Punk made his big return to professional wrestling last month, signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). But will his wife, AJ Lee also return to the ring? Punk, who will compete in AEW's pay-per-view event on Sunday, spoke to the New York Post and was asked if Lee has any plans to return. Punk shot that down, saying that Lee has a bad neck. 

"I just want to say, no," CM Punk said. "Just because [of] her neck. The reason she stopped wrestling is because of her neck. She's got a bad neck, you know. I wouldn't want her to jeopardize [her] health and neither would she, so we'll put an end to that rumor right now."  Lee, 34, was one of the top stars in WWE, winning the Divas Championship three times. She retired from pro wrestling in 2015 and hasn't been seen on WWE TV since. Lee, whose real name is April Mendez, has written multiple books since retiring. 

In 2017, Lee spoke to IGN about her book Crazy is My Superpower, which is an autobiography that describes her struggles when she was younger. "It was a joke between me and my sister anytime something harrowing or traumatic would happen," Lee said. "We would just say "It's fodder for the tell-all. Put it in the book!" That was our coping mechanism to think that one day some good will come out of it. Then it just over time became this kind of promise we had between us that one of us would get our story out there. I guess I was just the first one to do it."

Lee has been very supportive of Punk's return based on what she has posted on social media. Punk looks to make an impact in AEW as he did in WWE. During his time with the company, Punk won the WWE Championship twice and the World Heavyweight Championship three times. On Sunday, Punk will face Darby Allin at All Out, and he explained why he wanted to face him in his AEW debut. 

"I don't want to be a guy who thinks I know everything, because I don't," Punk said on WFAN's Moose & Maggie this week, per Wreslting Inc. "Part of this experience for me is continuing to learn. In 2013 I might've thought I knew everything. That was a great time for me to leave. And now I'm like 'man this is great.' I got to share a ring with Sting last night. I never thought that something like that would happen."