Watch: Carey Hart Takes Wife Pink and Their Kids on Moto Outing

Carey Hart is no longer a full-time competitive motorcyclist after stepping away from freestyle [...]

Carey Hart is no longer a full-time competitive motorcyclist after stepping away from freestyle motocross, but he still gets back on the bike from time to time. He recently did just that during a family outing with Pink and their two children. Hart even documented the fun times on his Instagram profile.

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According to photos and videos posted recently, Pink and their daughter, Willow, were both shown riding on the motorcycles. They did some laps while Hart and their son, Jameson, followed on the ATV. The former freestyle motocross expert explained that his son is still a little small to be riding on his own motorcycle, so he is limited to the ATV for the time being.

"Fun day motoing with the family! Willz second day on her 65 and she is doing great! Mama jumped on her 250 and spun some laps while Jamo and I chased on the quad. My kind of Saturday," Hart wrote about the big family outing.

Seeing Willow on the 65cc two-stroke motorcycle is still jaw-dropping for Hart. He only recently witnessed her take her first ride on Jan. 5, and he's been impressed at her ability to grasp the concept of riding.

The most difficult part of learning to ride a dirtbike is figuring out the clutch and learning to stop and go without killing the motor. Hart said in a post that he was blown away by how quickly Willow picked up the clutch.

Nearly two weeks later, his daughter is impressing with her riding skills on their track. Willow isn't the fastest rider yet, but she is still able to maintain balance and adjust her speed around the corners. Given enough time, she will be hitting a few jumps while keeping pace with Pink.

Hart has not revealed whether or not he will be teaching Willow how to do the "Hart Attack" or any other tricks. That decision will likely made when she is much older and able to confidently jump and land on the family track. For now, she will simply focus on shifting correctly and learning the intricacies of riding on her 65cc bike while Hart saves these moments as cherished memories and occasional posts for his Instagram account.

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