Cam Newton Reveals 'The Truth' About Being Sidelined, His Injury

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had to set the record straight about his injury. The former NFL MVP recently released a vlog to talk about the foot injury he currently has and how it was suffered. Newton said the foot injury occurred during the team's third preseason game against the New England Patriots.

"As I was diving forward, that plant step I kind of felt it, but I didn't know the extent of the injury," Newton said. "When I got up, I said 'Something don't feel right.'"

Newton went on to say he did everything he could to rehab the injury so he could play in the season opener. But he also said that became a problem because he wanted to be on the field despite not being 100 percent. Before the Panthers faced the Rams, Newton said he was limping during practice.

"Week One, as I'm about to jog around, I realize I can't run," Newton said. "I tried to jog and I can't do that."

When people started to ask him if he was okay, Newton said he's good to go knowing that he wasn't. And things did not get better for him after the loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the season opener because they had to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers four days later. And Newton had the same issue where he couldn't run. He talked about how he didn't have the same energy as he did in the past because of his injured foot.

"I'm saying to myself it's hard for me to have energy when I' hiding something," He added. "I was hiding the injury that I could have easily said, 'You know what coach, I don't think I'm ready.'"

Eventually, Newton was sidelined and he was diagnosed with a Lisfranc injury. Kyle Allen as taken Newton's place in the starting lineup and he's been a big reason the Panthers have won their last two games and only one game behind the New Orleans Saints for the NFC South lead. Newton believes once he gets 100 percent healthy, all the goals the Panthers set before the season will still be in front of them.


"I trust my teammates. I trust my training staff. I trust my coaching staff," Newton said. "If I'm able to get the time off for me to heal and get back to 100 percent, then I have no doubt in my mind everything that we want as a team can still be accomplished."