Cam Newton on Relationship With Patriots Coach Bill Belichick: 'Match Made in Heaven'

Cam Newton is getting ready to play his first game as a member of the New England Patriots on Sunday and already believes he's going to do some great things in 2020 with Bill Belichick. Newton, who was named the Patriots starting quarterback and team captain last week, was on WEEI's Greg Hill Show on Monday morning and said his relationship with the Patriots head coach is a "match made in heaven." He believes that the team will win a lot of games because of Belichick.

"Is it real what they say about Belichick? Is it going to be too ... I didn't know," Newton asked himself before making his decision to sign with the Pats while talking about Belichick's persona. "I think, honestly, it's been a match made in heaven for me, just knowing that I'm at a place where everything is pulling in the same direction and everything is geared toward winning." Newton then pointed out the number of players who have played under Belichick and have been successful.

"Coming from a person that has won at all levels, I feel as if I do the things the right way, trusting a lot of the same people that got me to this point, and trusting coaching, I think this is something that when you look at an opportunity in a timely manner it can be accomplished," Newton said. Ever since Newton signed with the Patriots in June, he has had nothing but positive things to say about his experience.

"It's just a breath of fresh air to be honest with you," Newton said in August when asked about joining the Patriots and attempting to replace Tom Brady. "It's a challenge that I have to expect each and every day. But no challenge is ever gonna be greater than the challenge, a personal challenge, that I challenge myself personally. We all know what that was and what that is and it needs no mention."

On Sunday, the Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins and are favored to win the game big. Many experts are not too high on the Patriots because of the loss of Brady and Newton's health. However, when healthy, Newton is one of the top quarterbacks in the league, and his running ability makes the Patriots offense challenging to defend.