Buccaneers Player Has an Issue With Brett Favre Attending Game in Tampa Bay

Brett Favre turned heads on Sunday when he attended a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in Florida while wearing a Tom Brady shirt. And while some fans loved seeing the Hall of Famer taking in an NFL game, one Buccaneers player had a big problem with it. Offensive lineman Ryan Jensen went to Twitter to ask the question of why can Favre attended a game, but his family can't?

What Jensen asked is what some Bucs fans were asking on social medai as well. However, the former Green Bay Packers quarterback was at the game on assignment as he was doing a feature on Buccaneers linebacker Devin White for the show NFL: The Grind, which will air on Epix, according to the Tampa Bay Times. And with the Bucs taking on the Carolina Panthers, Favre has a connection with Kent Johnson who's the Panthers director of player wellness. Johnson was the best man at Favre's wedding according to Yahoo Sports.

Before Favre attended the Bucs game, he defended Brady after head coach Brice Arians called him out after throwing two interceptions in the loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week One."I think the last person you want to call out after the first game of the year is Tom Brady," Favre said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "Now maybe they had a mutual truce going into the game, going into the season, 'Hey, I'm going to be hard on you. I want the guys to know we're going to treat you the same even though technically I'm not, so are you OK with it?' If they have that truce, great. If not, I think you are barking up the wrong tree."


On Sunday, the Bucs came away with a 31-17 victory, so Favre may have been the boost the team needed. Brady had a better performance on Sunday, throwing for 217 yards and one score. When talking about Brady's play on Sunday, Arians told reporters: "I thought he played outstanding. His leadership on the sideline was great, and he put us in the right play [on] a number of different audibles. He played really, really well." Brady and the Bucs will look to keep the good times rolling on Sunday when they take on the Denver Broncos.