Texas High School Football Player Bryce Wisdom Dies at 17 Due to Rare Cancer

Bryce Wisdom, a 17-year-old football player in Texas, died on Sunday night due to a rare form of kidney cancer. He was diagnosed with Wilm's Tumor in March 2019 and underwent 19 weeks of chemotherapy. The doctors later discovered in September that cancer had spread to other parts of Wisdom's body.

Wisdom's mother confirmed the news with a post on Facebook. She revealed that he took his last breath at 11:39 p.m. but managed to smile for his loved ones. Another Facebook post asked people to avoid sending flowers. Instead, Wisdom's family requested that they make donations to Puttaway Cancer or Hope Hits Harder.

"My baby took his last breath at 11:39 pm," Wisdom's mother wrote in a Facebook post. "My baby fought till the end. Thank you ALL for loving Bryce and our family through this. We never made it to Seattle or the Beach in San Diego but now he is in heaven #LiveLikeBryce BryceStrong this pic was earlier today in the PICU. He is giving us all one last smile."

When Wisdom's schoolmates discovered that he was set to undergo chemotherapy, they banded together for a show of support. Video posted on Twitter showed Wisdom walking through his high school carrying a "Bryce Strong" flag. The marching band performed as faculty members, and students walked with him.

Many Twitter users unable to take part in the march tweeted support and sent their well-wishes to the high school football player. Ellen joined in and said that she was marching in her living room. Others said that they were fighting with Wisdom.


Hours before Wisdom's death, his mother shared that he spoke to one of the NFL's biggest stars. She said that her son had received a phone call from safety Jamal Adams, a former first overall pick of the New York Jets. The team recently traded him to the Seattle Seahawks, and one of his first acts was reaching out to Wisdom's family.

"Bryce received a phone call from the newest Seattle SeaHawk, Jamal Adams," Wisdom's mother wrote. "I haven't seen my baby smile for a few days, then he saw we had a new SeaHawk and to be able to speak with him today was amazing. Thank you Jamal [praying hands emoji]"