Broncos' Von Miller Responds to Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors

There are rumors going around that the Denver Broncos are looking to trade for Aaron Rodgers if the Green Bay Packers are willing to shop him. But how do the Broncos players feel about it? Von Miller talked about Rodgers at his annual pass-rushing summit over the weekend and understands the impact Rodgers can make on any team.

"It's crazy to think about, you know, getting an Aaron Rodgers," Miller said per the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "You put him on any team in the league, and he changes that team." Miller is not getting too excited about the potential trade because he knows that the Broncos' current quarterback Drew Lock is ready to help the team win.

"If you get too emotionally involved in those guys, and then it doesn't happen, now you got [Drew] Lock over here looking like ... what about now?'" Miller said. "So you don't want to get too emotionally attached to the rumors." Miller went on to show his support for Lock. "You start thinking, 'Oh, we're going to get Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson," Miller said. "But hold on, wait a minute, we've got Drew Lock. That's who we're running with. That's who we're going into the season with until anything changes."

The reason the Broncos are looked at as the top team to land Rodgers is they have a talented roster but the QB position is a question mark. But as of now, the Packers are not sending Rodgers to another NFL team as they know he can lead the Packers to the Super Bowl. In the last two years, Green Bay has posted 13-3 regular-season records and have played in the last two NFC Championship Games. Rodgers won the third MVP award of his career after the 2020 season and is looked at as one of the top players in the league for 2021.


In April, a report came out that indicated Rodgers was disgruntled with the Packers and told people in the organization he wasn't returning to the team this fall. Rodgers, Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst and Packers president Mark Murphy admitted there were issues going on that are trying to be worked out, but as training camp begins next month, it's likely Rodgers won't show up as he hasn't attended any offseason workouts, including the team's mandatory minicamp.