Brett Favre Sends Warning to Parents Who Are Letting Kids Play Football

Brett Favre has a message to the parents who are letting their kids play tackle football. The Green Bay Packers legend is in a campaign with the Concussion Legacy Foundation and warned the parents of the dangers of brain injuries children can suffer if they play tackle football at a young age.

"Having kids play before high school is just not worth the risk," the 51-year-old legendary said in a statement Tuesday, per PEOPLE. "CTE is a terrible disease, and we need to do everything we can to prevent it for the next generation of football players." Favre played 20 seasons in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the Packers. He played with his share of injuries, including multiple concussions.

The more years I play, the more I'm at risk," a young version Favre says in a video from the Concussion Legacy Foundation. "If you put me in tackle today, by the time I'm a senior in high school, I would have played 13 years of tackle football. I could already have CTE, and it will continue to destroy my brain, even after I stop playing."

What Favre said in the video echoes what he said three years ago. While appearing on Megyn Kelly Today in 2018, Favre said kids 15 and younger should not play football. "The brain and just the skull itself, for (eight to 15-year-olds), and maybe even older, is not developed enough and they should not be playing tackle football," Favre said. "We should protect them, especially when there is no treatment solution out there. Hopefully, Prevasol is that treatment."


Earlier in the year, Favre talked about not encouraging his grandkids to play football. "I'm not going to encourage them to play. I'm not going to discourage [them]," Favre said. "But I say this to everyone who will listen: if my grandsons were to say, and they call me Paw-Paw, if they were to say 'Paw-Paw, will you be my caddy in golf, I think I'm going to do golf instead of football,' I would be much more happy, satisfied and excited by that then by them playing football."