Brazilian Soccer Star 'Hulk' Leaves Wife to Reportedly Start Relationship With Niece

Brazilian soccer star Givanildo Vieira De Sousa, who is known as Hulk, split with his wife of 12 years back in July. Hulk has since started a new relationship with someone close to his family. He has begun dating his ex-wife's niece-in-law, Camila. His representatives have since confirmed this news to UOL Esporte.

Hulk and Iran also have three children together, per reports, which has made this situation bizarre to many on social media. There were some that took to Twitter to proclaim that Hulk is dating his children's cousin.

According to The Sun, the couple initially began dating in October, months after the split. As the relationship became official, Hulk reportedly sat down his children and family members to inform them that he and Camila were dating. They also reportedly called Camila's parents.

Based on the relationship between Iran and Camila, there were concerns about how Hulk's ex-wife would respond to the pair dating. Her niece-in-law was well aware. Camila addressed these concerns and other issues in a message to Iran.

"Aunt Iran, I first want to tell you that this message is not an explanation or justification of anything," Camila wrote to her aunt, per The Sun. "I needed to tell you some things that, unfortunately, circumstances do not allow me to say personally. Although it is irrelevant to you now, I love you very much and care about you, so I am speaking here.

"I really want you to know things that maybe everyone will talk about differently, mere speculation, but I don't really judge them because outsiders know absolutely nothing and most of the time just want the situation to be worse. It's been very hard to face all this, but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't true."

Following this news coming to light, as well as the backlash from Brazilian media, Camila has since deleted her social media accounts, per SportBible.

Hulk's ex-wife, Iran, has also responded to this new relationship. She spoke with UOL and expressed disappointment in his decisions since their split in July.


"It is deeply regretted that Mr Hulk, not content with ending a marriage of more than 12 years, he then did not respect the pain of the one who always devoted love, affection, respect and consideration to him - as well as his children, whose supreme interests should be preserved by their father."

(Photo Credit: Visual China Group via Getty Images)