Antonio Brown Works out in Steelers Helmet, and Fans Are Fired Up

Last week, Antonio Brown posted a video of him working out and running routes in an Oakland Raiders helmet. This created considerable feedback on social media as members of Raider Nation told him that he didn't deserve to wear the Silver and Black. Now Brown is back and running routes once again, but he is doing so in a Pittsburgh Steelers helmet.

Wednesday afternoon, Brown posted videos on his Instagram stories that showed him running routes against a defender that couldn't keep up at a full sprint. The former Steelers and New England Patriots wide receiver was easily getting behind the man in coverage and catching passes deep downfield.

Of course, it didn't matter to users on Twitter how Brown was faring against this opponent. What drew their ire is that he was wearing the helmet of a team that he has routinely insulted since forcing his way out of town via a trade with the Oakland Raiders.

"@Steelers cease-and-desist needed here," one user on Twitter wrote. They believed that Brown should not be allowed to wear that iconic helmet anymore. In the eyes of many Steelers fans, the 31-year-old receiver burned too many bridges when he was insulting Ben Roethlisberger by saying that he has an "owner's mentality" and making posts on social media about JuJu Smith-Schuster.

That being said, there were some football fans that wanted to point out that the defender in these videos was not limiting Brown in the slightest. They referred to the unnamed individual as "inferior" and questioned how he must feel after seeing these clips surface on social media.

Ultimately, the vast majority of comments on social media revolved around how many football fans are tired of the "Antonio Brown" storyline. They felt that this workout video was a cry for attention Some even called this "sad."


For Brown, however, he believes that a decision from the NFL will be coming soon and that he could potentially be suiting up for a new team in a matter of weeks. His new home has not been determined, provided this opportunity materializes, but he is going to continue preparing every day as if he will be playing in the upcoming game.

(Photo Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty)