Antonio Brown Surrenders to Police After Arrest Warrant Issued for Battery

NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is expected to turn himself in to police, the Hollywood, Florida police department said late Thursday. An arrest warrant was issued after a moving truck driver was allegedly assaulted outside Brown's home in Hollywood. Glenn Holt, Brown's trainer, was also arrested in connection with the case on Wednesday.

"I believe they've given him ample opportunity to turn himself in," Hollywood Police public information officer Christian Lata told USA Today. "I'm sure it's going to be within today or tomorrow, but I'm not sure exactly when... I would assume it would be sooner than later."

TMZ Sports later reported that Brown arrived at the police station Thursday night and was about to turn himself in. He will be charged with burglary with batter, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief. A bond hearing is set for Friday morning.

Holt, a former NFL player, was arrested Wednesday and charged with burglary and battery. Holt was arrested at Brown's home, but Brown refused to cooperate with police at that time.

"Antonio Brown actually ran into his house and locked the door and closed the door," Lata told USA Today. "He went into his house and just stayed inside the house and wouldn't come out."

Brown spoke to police officers by phone, and "he basically said he wasn't coming out," Lata added.

On Tuesday, a moving company driver with belongings Brown had stored in California arrived at his Florida home. The 31-year-old allegedly refused to pay the driver $4,000, so the driver left Brown's property, according to court documents, reports ESPN. The driver said Brown threw a rock at the truck, denting it and causing paint damage. The driver called police to report the alleged incident.

The moving company told the driver to drop off the belongings because Brown said he would pay $4,000 plus cost of the damages, However, the driver claims another argument started because Brown only wanted to pay $4,000. Brown allegedly assaulted the driver while Holt tried to brag the keys from inside the truck so he could open the back. The driver claims he suffered cuts and scratches.

According to the 911 tape obtained by TMZ Sports, the driver claims Brown was under the influence of drugs. He said his shirt was ripped and shoulder injured.

Some of Brown's neighbors told ESPN they have become angry over incidents from Brown's home, which is located in a gated community. There have been multiple incidents involving police this month, they said.

Brown was signed by the Oakland Raiders before the 2019 season began, but was released by the team and never played for them. The New England Patriots signed him after the first game of the season and he played in Week 2 against the Miami Dolphins. After the Dolphins game, the Patriots released Brown.

The NFL is now investigating Brown, after his former trainer, Britney Taylor, filed a lawsuit accusing Brown of sexually assaulting her multiple times. An artist who worked on Brown's home in 2017 also accused Brown of sexual misconduct. After reports surfaced that Brown texted the artist, the Patriots released him.

Brown filed grievances against the Patriots and Raiders, and is seeking more than $39 million in lost salary and bonuses, reports ESPN.


Photo credit: David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images