Antonio Brown Releases Teaser for 'Whole Lotta Money' Music Video, and Fans Don't Like It

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown turned heads recently when he revealed that he was recording music at his home in Miami. Mr. Big Chest was preparing to release a new album with the title of "No White Women 2020." Brown has since dropped the first teaser for his upcoming music video, and the responses haven't been positive.

Monday afternoon, Brown told users to go to his YouTube channel and check out the teaser for his new song, Whole Lotta Money. This is the video that he has been recording in recent days, one that required piles of $100 bills and scantily-clad women in ski masks. Brown also carried around a guitar in the background footage released on social media.

Users on social media have since watched the teaser, which can be found here, and they have voiced some opinions. Some of Brown's fans were excited about the new track, but some other bystanders were not enjoying the teaser.

"Business Dooming," one person wrote in response to Brown's teaser. Others simply added in animated GIFs of various celebrities saying "that'll be a no." Another opted to compare Brown's music to that of his former teammate in Pittsburgh.

"The one thing worse than @LeVeonBell's music," one user wrote on Tuesday. Prior to signing with the New York Jets during the offseason, the former Steelers running back in Bell dropped his debut album. The responses were mixed to this music, but some football fans believe that it's better than Brown's teaser on YouTube.

The football fans on Twitter were not the only ones responding to Brown's musical pursuits. Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette also weighed in, writing: "Man my dawg than lost his mind." He also added eight Face With Tears of Joy emojis.

Brown told users that his full video would be released on Tuesday, but it has not surfaced on YouTube. Various people have asked the former NFL receiver about the video, saying that they wanted to watch it before the day is over. Although a few did say that they were simply waiting in order to "get a laugh in" before heading to see their family for Christmas.


When Brown does release the full video, there will be a significant amount of responses. Whether they are more positive than those voiced on Tuesday morning remains to be seen.

Photo Credit: Tom O'Connor/NBAE via Getty