Antonio Brown Cozies up to 'Cartel Crew' Star Stephanie Acevedo Amid Ex Drama: 'Angels Calling'

Antonio Brown and his ex-girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss, have been going through a public split, which has been documented on Instagram Stories. Kyriss turned heads recently when she alleged that Brown needed to find someone to get over her. That individual may possibly have been revealed to be musician Stephanie Acevedo.

The former New England Patriots receiver recently posted a photo on his Instagram stories that showed him cozying up to the Cartel Crew star. Acevedo has been assisting Brown with his new album and providing guest vocals, so this could purely be a business relationship. However, Brown's hand resting on her backside had many in the comments section making proclamations about their status.

"Angels calling #nowhitewomen2020" Brown wrote in the caption. The musician in Acevedo is half-Cuban and half-Puerto Rican, according to

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Following this photo, Brown posted another of Acevedo on his Instagram Stories that showed her in a revealing outfit. He wrote that she had sent the picture to him, and he included his Memoji holding up the "fingers crossed" sign.

This doesn't mean that Brown is already in another relationship following his split from Kyriss, but there are many on social media that believe this to be true after Brown posted multiple photos of them getting cozy in different situations. Acevedo, however, only has one post about Brown on her Instagram profile, and it just talks about the music that they are making.

Are Brown and Acevedo becoming an item after his previous relationship just ended? The answer is truly unknown outside the walls of his Miami home, but there are many that believe this to be the case.

For now, the focus will simply switch to Brown's upcoming album and music video shoot. As the former NFL receiver wrote on Instagram Stories recently, this album "has nothing to do" with his ex in Kyriss. He says that it's his inability to keep away from "white women."

"And no this has nothing to do with [Chelsie] I love her," Brown wrote. "I traumatized her with my lifestyle she was having an affair I couldn't support because she was dishonest..."


Brown continued to write that this album is what he has been doing with his time. He hasn't been on an NFL roster since Week 2, and he has been working on music instead of running routes for Tom Brady or any other quarterback.

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