AEW Wrestler Breaks off Engagement

An All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star has called off his engagement to his long-time girlfriend. Over the weekend, Sammy Guevara announced that he has ended his engagement with Pam Nizio. Guevara popped the question to Nizio in August at an AEW show in Houston. 

"I know a lot of you have supported us for a long time and we have appreciated it so much over the past several years," Guevara said. "Since you've all given us so much love and support we figured we owed it to y'all to let you know that we are no longer in a relationship. We still love each other and wish nothing but the best for one another. We would appreciate your kindness and respect our privacy during this time."  

Shortly after the announcement, Guevara went to Twitter again to shut down some rumors about him and fellow AEW star Tay Conti. Some fans assumed that Conti is the reason why Guevara and Nizio are no longer engaged, but Guevara made it clear that is not the case. 

"This shouldn't have to be said… but my relationship with Pam ending had nothing to do with ANYONE else," Guevara wrote. "Pam and I broke up back in October and just now felt was the time to make it publicly known. So please stop pointing fingers and looking for someone to blame," AEW star Fuego Del Sol showed support for Guevara with a recent tweet. 

"Wrestlers may choose to share and give you glimpses into their personal lives at times but you never really know what someone is going through," Del Sol wrote. "Please never assume and respect peoples privacy. We may allow you to read a page or two but that doesn't mean you know our whole story."


Guevara, 28, is the reining AEW TNT Champion. He won the title on Sept. 29 by defeating Miro on AEW Dynamite. Guevara joined AEW in 2019 after spending time on the independent scene. He is a member of The Inner Circle, which also includes Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz and legendary wrestler Chris Jericho. 

"Man there's so many. Just taking your time in between the moments, structuring certain things, Guevara said of Jerico on Busted Open Radio earlier this year, per Wrestling Inc. "He's such a mastermind at this. There's a reason he's been doing this longer than I've been alive. "And so anytime he says something I always try to just take it. And even if I don't see what he's seeing, I try to understand it from where he's coming from. Then by the end of it I'm like 'okay, now this makes sense.'"