Aaron Rodgers' Latest Purchase Gives Hope to Packers Fans

Aaron Rodgers has made it clear for the past few months he has no plans to return to the Green Bay Packers. However, there's a chance he could be under center for Green Bay this fall. According to The Score Wisconsin, Rodgers renewed his membership at the Green Bay Country Club through 2021. It might not mean anything, as Rodgers may have decided to keep the membership going through the end of the year. But it also could be a hint of him getting a contract extension with the Packers.

Right before the NFL Draft in April, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Rodgers wasn't going to return to the Packers because he was disgruntled with the organization. Rodgers verified that he was frustrated with the team when he talked to Kenny Mayne on SportsCenter in May. However, Rodgers said the issues really began last year.

"A lot of this was put in motion last year, and the wrench was just kind of thrown into it when I won MVP and played the way I played last year," Rodgers said. "This is just kind of, I think, a spill-out of all that. But it is about the people, and that's the most important thing. Green Bay has always been about the people -- from Curly Lambeau being owner and founder to the '60s with [Vince] Lombardi and Bart Starr and all those incredible names to the '90s teams with coach [Mike] Holmgren and Favrey [Brett Favre] and the Minister of Defense [Reggie White] to the run that we've been on." The Packers front office has made it clear they want Rodgers back this upcoming season. But team president Mark Murphy had an interesting way to describe Rodgers.

"I'm often reminded though of Ted Thompson, as most of you know, just a great general manager, passed away this past year, or excuse me earlier this year. [He] often talked about Aaron, that he's a... and it wasn't just Aaron, a lot of different players. He would say 'He's a complicated fella.' So, I'll just say that," Murphy said at an event at Lambeau Field earlier this month.


Rodgers is coming off a season where he won the MVP award for the third time in his career. He also led the Packers to the NFC Championship Game for the second consecutive season. But the issue is the Packers haven't played in a Super Bowl in 10 years, and Rodgers is not getting younger as he will be 38 years old in December.