49ers WR Deebo Samuel Reveals How Team Can Reach Super Bowl Again (Exclusive)

We spoke to Deebo Samuel about the San Francisco 49ers doing big things this season.

Deebo Samuel is ready for the San Francisco 49ers to take the next step. He has been with the team for four seasons and has helped the team reach the NFC Championship three times and the Super Bowl once. Samuel is ready to win a Super Bowl, and PopCulture spoke to him about how the team can get to the championship game again and get that ring.

"Main thing is, being as healthy as possible," Samuel exclusively told PopCulture. "Just continue to build on every game, and never get satisfied." The 49ers are off to a good start as they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Rams. Samuel, who plays wide receiver but also sees time as a running back, had a strong performance against the Rams on Sunday, catching six passes for 63 yards and rushing for 38 yards and one touchdown on five carries. Before the season, Samuel was named a team captain for the first time in his career, and it was a big moment for him. 

"Last time I was a team captain was in college, but it was kind of big to be a captain of this team and just shows the hard work and dedication, and all the work that I put in this offseason and years to come before this," Samuel explained. "It was kind of a blessing to me and I was really hyped."

Along with helping the 49ers win games, Samuel is helping fans be lucky this year. The 27-year-old has partnered with Snickers for the launch of Snickers Luck Shop. Samuel said the Luck Shop "helps fans avoid and embarrassing mistakes while having a lucky item that supports their favorite team. The shop opened last week and "will drop lucky items from Snickers NFL team partners throughout this season."

Speaking of luck, Samuel revealed the one thing he does before every game he plays. "Every home game I obviously have my son, so that's my good luck charm," he said. "So going to see him before every game, giving him a hug and a kiss, and during the away games, I don't really like for him to be flying everywhere all the time, so I kind of FaceTime him before every game, just to kind of get that same feeling."