Tamera Mowry’s Favorite Sex Spot Is Not for Amateurs

Tamera Mowry is moving her sex game from her old favorite love-making room (the closet) to a new ~slippery~ spot.

The Real co-host admitted Tuesday that she, a self proclaimed "goody goody two shoes", likes sex in the shower. When her fellow hosts regained their composure after this naughty confession, they probed Tamera to share what she liked about it. Her answer? "It's extra slippery!"

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For most women, you either love shower sex or you despise it. Between the awkward angles, slippery risks, misplaced soap and the fact that only one person can hog the hot water while the other shivers, we won't blame you if you say water sex isn't your thing.

But if Tamera's little confession has you interested in what the hype is all about, we can help you navigate this slippery terrain.

If you've tried and failed at sexy shower time, you probably forgot the first essential ingredient: a silicone-based lube. Believe it or not, water is a solvent (aka a crappy lubricant) that can actually cause friction. If you want that 'extra slippery' experience, you need reinforcement, especially since the shower washes away your naturally-produced lube.


Second, go ahead and forget every shower sex scene in any movies you've seen (looking at you, Fifty Shades fans); it just doesn't work like that. Since there is actual risk of slippage involved, do not get brave and try to show off the heelstretch you could do in high school. Instead, KISS — just keep it simple, sweetie.

So what positions work best when it's time to lather up?

Standing Doggie

Keep both feet on the ground (because it's sexier than landing yourself in the ER as a result of your sexual bravery). Hold on to the shower wall or something sturdy and bend forward 45 degrees. If you're really feeling acrobatic, touch your toes! He can enter you from behind, holding you at the hips for extra stability.


Surfboard Riding

Have him sit on the bathtub floor with a towel behind his neck for comfort, legs straight out. Then lower yourself onto him, sitting up for a wet 'n' wild view during girl-on-top! Make sure you hold on to the (dry!) sides of the tub or his shoulders for support and enjoy the ride along the waves.

Conserve water, shower together!


Photo Credit: Instagram / @tameramowrytwo


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