Nia Jax Breaks Down About Being a 'Bigger Woman' on 'Total Divas'

Even a WWE Diva can get down on herself. Nia Jax suffered a crisis of confidence on Wednesday's episode of Total Divas, breaking down in tears while preparing for her first date in a long time.

What starts off as a fun shopping trip for Jax, Brie and Nikki Bella turns into a serious pep talk when the 33-year-old starts to cry in her newly-chosen cocktail dress.

"What if I go out there and —," she says, starting to cry. "I just haven't been in the position to put myself out there in a long time."

Jax opens up about what's really bothering her in a confessional interview: "I'm standing there, and I look at myself, and I feel confident in the outfit, but at the end of the day, being a bigger woman, a plus-sized woman, I just feel vulnerable," she says. "I'm guessing all my nerves and insecurities are coming to a point right now and I can't hold it back."

When Nikki and Brie rush to comfort their friend, she admits, "I've always been that awkward tall girl, that awkward big girl."

But the twins won't let her think of herself that way, bringing up how many women look up to her and how strong she is as a person and a wrestler.

"Everyone always called me the fat twin," Nikki reveals. "I felt body shamed like no other, and how insecure did it make me?"

"We have to be proud of who we are," Brie adds.

In a confessional, Brie says she hopes her friend can harness her self confidence. "Honestly, Nia really needs to start feeling more confident and own who she is, because she makes you love life. She has the best energy, she's hilarious and it kills me that she feels that insecure, because any guy would be so lucky to have her."

Later, when the date goes well, it's clear that Jax has got her groove back.

"It's really cool and comforting to know that I did it!" she says, before banishing the cameras from following her and her date on the way out.

That is until the fellow Divas Google her date and find that he starred in an adult video. At first Jax is shocked, but after a moment she decides that the date has a silver lining after all.

"If anything, I got out and I put myself out there, and that's something I haven't done in a long time," she says. "That's a positive, even if I know that the guy who was semi-attracted to me does porn."


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Photo credit: WWE