'World of Dance' Judge Derek Hough Reveals the Inspiration Behind His First Solo Tour

Heading into 2019, not only is Derek Hough focusing on Season 3 of World of Dance, he's also [...]

Heading into 2019, not only is Derek Hough focusing on Season 3 of World of Dance, he's also preparing to set off on his first solo live tour.

The Emmy-winning pro dancer sets off on Derek Hough Live! in April, and has been busy crafting what he told PopCulture.com was like a "rock concert for dance."

"The great thing about the solo tour is it's my first time," he said. "And what's great about this is I'm taking a live band, live musicians that are going to be infused and mixed in with the live dancers and the dancing. It's just going to be like a rock concert for dance. ... I will just say that it's going to be an all-star cast of the highest level of dancers that I am going to have to do some extra stretching to keep up with for sure."

For Hough, putting everything together first starts with that music, then building out the feeling and experience from there, he explained to PopCulture.

"I think for me, choreography and storytelling and performing, a lot of it starts with the music," he said. " When I go see a concert, there's nothing like hearing that live kick drum—the speakers, you feel it. It's an experience that you feel in your chest and I wanted that for my show."

Giving back, he said, is the true meaning behind why he performs, however. "The inspiration really is I just love performing. I love sharing. I love the ability to connect with a live audience," he gushed. "There's nothing quite like that."

Part of Hough giving back is through his work on stage, but the Dancing With the Stars alum is also known for his charitable work, including his partnership with U.S. Cellular's ongoing Future of Good program.

Through Jan. 8, the program is accepting nominations from people across the country for young people between six and 15 making an impact in their community. The winners will be awarded $10,000 to go towards their particular cause.

"I'm always trying to look for ways to give back to the community, whether it be like doing these pop-up move experiences where I'm taking people hiking or we're doing yoga together or we're doing the dance class, just to get the community moving and active and meeting one another," Hough said of his work with the Future of Good and other programs like Movember.

He continued, "There's an expression that I love and it's 'The secret to living is giving.'"

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