'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson Speaks on Revival Plans

Robertson said they are 'looking into some different TV ideas.'

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series that has become a worldwide hit since its premiere in 2012. During the show, the Robertson family was easily propelled into the spotlight by millions of viewers who followed their famous duck hunts and personal lives in Louisiana.

The Duck Dynasty TV series was broadcast on A&E for 11 seasons until 2017. The fandom remains active to this day, and many have pondered whether it will be revived in the near future. Willie Robertson recently explained why a Duck Dynasty revival is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

"We are looking into some different TV ideas," Robertson told TV Insider when promoting the upcoming movie The Blind. "But to recapture what we did before is really not gonna happen. Sadly, everyone's gotten older, and we're all in different places now. Our cast has expanded drastically. I have seven grandkids now, so we've got some ideas."

While a Duck Dynasty return may not be on the horizon, the Robertsons are far from fading into the background. In fact, they're stepping into new ventures. Willie and Korie Robertson recently produced The Blind, a heartwarming film inspired by Phil and Kay Robertson's love story. The film is now available to stream exclusively on Great American Pure Flix.

As he looks ahead to the future, Robertson revealed that he is willing to tell more stories about his sprawling family. "I mean, we're looking at a lot of different movies right now," Robertson said. "But, sure. I mean, I would love to show a movie about more [of Phil and Kay's story] once it got better."

He added, "I've got several different movies. I just met about all of them. We got some interesting ones… Everything will be positive, I think, in a way, but all kinds of fun stuff."

Robertson's plate is full of diverse responsibilities. In addition to spearheading new TV and movie projects, he serves as the CEO of Duck Commander, the company his father founded. And if that's not enough, he's also a published author, with his new book, Gospeler: Turning Darkness Into Light One Conversation at a Time, set to hit the shelves on May 14.