Why Demi Burnett Wants Derek Peth as the Next 'Bachelor' After Their 'Bachelor in Paradise' Romance

The next choice for The Bachelor has been a hot topic among the show’s fanbase. There’s a handful of names being thrown around lately, but if it was up to Demi Burnett, she’d be all for seeing her initial Bachelor in Paradise relationship, Derek Peth, get his time in the spotlight. According to an interview with PEOPLE, Demi is hopeful the network tags Derek as its next Bachelor.

“One thousand percent yes I would support that!” she told PEOPLE. “I just want Derek to be happy. He deserves to find.”

There has been a lot of chatter about Mike Johnson and Peter Weber being among the favorites to land the prized role. Derek, though, has certainly built a strong case in this season of Bachelor in Paradise after his handling of the news surrounding Demi and her true love.

Fans of the show watched as Derek and Demi began hitting it off right off the bat. What Derek didn’t know, though, was that Demi had come on to the show leaving behind a relationship she had developed with Kristian Haggerty.

Demi eventually opened up to him about where her heart truly lies, marking the first same-sex relationship for The Bachelor. Derek was supportive of her decision, and never revealed her news to anyone else on the show until she was comfortable enough to share it herself to everyone.


“I talk to him all the time,” Burnett said. “He proves it more and more how amazing of a guy he is.”

After watching Derek, who on the most recent episode gave his rose to Tayshia Adams, go through the whole process, many fans of the show agree with Demi and would love the 32-year-old get the job.