'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Defies Dr. Drew, Skeptics With Puzzling Brain Scan Results

At 23, Tyler Henry has become one of the most sought-after clairvoyant mediums in the world, [...]

At 23, Tyler Henry is already one of the most sought-after clairvoyant mediums in the world, demonstrating a toolkit of skills that purports to connect individuals with "the other side" in the name of providing closure, comfort and hope.

While Henry's gift brings peace and validation to a long, starry list of clients in the popular E! reality series, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, there is a lot that goes on his brain when channeling immense psychic energy — something the California native tells PopCulture.com exclusively he never expected, but was "excited" to discover during Thursday's season finale thanks to Dr. Drew, who examines his neural scan as he reads for Jackass star, Steve-O.

"I really had no expectations," Henry told PopCulture.com of the brain scan results. "I really wasn't sure [what to expect]. Either way I thought, 'It'll be interesting' [because] I've always had questions about my own brain and how it works, especially in the context of a reading and I really wanted to put myself out there."

The reality star has no doubt had questions for years. At the age of 10, Henry began receiving intuitive mental images and foretold his grandmother's death. While it might seem scary for someone that young, he began to cultivate his gift throughout the years, but it doesn't come without some reservations from skeptics, including Dr. Drew and Steve-O.

"To do that with a client that's a total skeptic going into it, that was really a challenge for me," Henry said of Dr. Drew's brain scan. "It was one that I knew I needed to do to be a better medium. I really enjoyed it!"

Steve-O isn't the first skeptic-turned-believer on Thursday's season finale. Throughout the series, Henry has been able to prove his gift to a long list of stars, including this past season with Chris Harrison of The Bachelor, who initially believed the medium's gift was simply "good TV."

"I totally get it," Henry said of the skepticism. "I feel like if I weren't a medium for a living, I would just naturally be a skeptical-minded person, I just always have been. [But] I really respect skepticism, I think it's important to question what we believe and always ask questions."

While all mediums and clairvoyants channel impressions differently, since the show premiered in 2016, Henry has shown audiences a very distinct, "fundamental part" of processing the energy by scribbling in a notebook — an element he says is the same for both believers and skeptics.

"It really just allows me to turn on and really start working," he said, adding how scribbles allow him to meditate and make a "mental shift" into the mindset of his readings. "It's really just a series of very subtle impressions. These impressions might be physical, they might be mental, they might be emotional. I really just have to get into an altered state of mind, where I can be hyper-aware of those changes that go on in my mind and in my body."

Henry adds that when information starts to transmit and come through, he is able to interpret and deliver, but "it's a lot going on." The energy Henry often likens to a "daydream" on the series can be "exhausting" as he tells PopCulture.com it's almost like "exercise."

"I get all flushed, it's a really visceral thing," he said of the reaction. "And, I'll leave these readings sometimes just feeling exhausted but emotionally gratified because of what I'm able to do. But it can definitely be draining."

While often times his reaction is evident in the show's readings, the results from his brain test in Thursday's season finale — which also includes a very emotional reading for actress Anne Heche and surprising validation for Marvel's The Gifted star Jamie Chung — Henry adds it all culminates into a "wonderful end" for Season 4.

Though there is no official word for Season 5 just yet, Henry said he would "love" to return should the possibility arise for more episodes.

"I think it's been an amazing ride, and hopefully there's more," he said. "But if this is the last episode I wouldn't mind that either."

After watching Henry's baffling brain scan results on Thursday's Season 4 finale proving there is something truly inexplicable at work, there is no doubt that fans will definitely want more from the Hollywood Medium.

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs its season finale Thursday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET on E!.

Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for more with medium Tyler Henry as he continues his chat with us about his gift and live tour across the U.S. this spring and summer.

Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment