'Treasure Quest' Crew Uncovers Promising Clue in Hunt for Sacambaya Gold

The Treasure Quest crew may have just unlocked the secret to the $2 billion Sacambaya hoard.In a [...]

The Treasure Quest crew may have just unlocked the secret to the $2 billion Sacambaya hoard.

In a clip from Friday's all-new episode of the Discovery series, the crew continues their excavation of the cave in which they found what looked like an ancient mining cart and cloth during last week's episode, searching for further evidence that they were on the right track for the legendary Western Bolivian treasure. But they're on dangerous ground, with loose rocks as footing in a cave that no one has stepped foot in for hundreds of years.

"All this loose stuff could be covering up any number of things," one crew member warns. "You could be stepping and you might fall right through a hole."

Local miner Javier Cortes is confident, however, that the team is on the trail of something big.

"With the findings of yesterday, I feel that we are going to find something," he tells the camera, poking around in the cave. "I mean we're in the right place, this cart and the cloth."

Getting readings from what appears to be a metal detector, he zeros in on a pile of rocks where the readings appear to be the strongest.

"There's something here," he says. "I'm getting all these readings, but I can't really find ..."

It's then that he pulls out of the dirt what appears to be an ancient coin, marked with an "X" on its face.

"What is this?" he asks himself, pulling out his radio and calling the other members of his team. "Guys, do you copy? I found something."

Is this the clue that will guarantee they find one of the world's richest undiscovered treasures?

"A colossal hoard of gold is rumored to be hidden in a remote valley in Western Bolivia," the show's narrator explained in the season premiere. "Over the last three centuries, hundreds have died for this legendary treasure that could be worth over $2 billion. Now, a brave group of treasure hunters, armed with a new lead and intel from a century of past attempts, will use cutting-edge technology and heavy equipment to take the valley's dangers head on. And if they can solve the mystery of the Sacambaya, they can find a trail to the treasure."

But will they be able to discover the treasure unscathed?

Treasure Quest airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery