'Treasure Quest' First Look: Crew Hunts for $2 Billion of Lost Gold in New Season

The Treasure Quest crew is on the hunt for some of the most coveted treasure in all of history [...]

The Treasure Quest crew is on the hunt for some of the most coveted treasure in all of history during this upcoming season of the Discovery show.

In a first look of the new season shared exclusively with PopCulture, veteran treasure hunter Shawn Cowles, tech specialist Jeremy Whalen, and demolitions expert Jack Peters make their way to Western Bolivia in search of the legendary Sacambaya treasure, reportedly worth $2 billion.

"A colossal horde of gold is rumored to be hidden in a remote valley in Western Bolivia," the show's narrator explains in the season trailer. "Over the last three centuries, hundreds have died for this legendary treasure that could be worth over $2 billion. Now, a brave group of treasure hunters, armed with a new lead and intel from a century of past attempts, will use cutting-edge technology and heavy equipment to take the valley's dangers head on. And if they can solve the mystery of the Sacambaya, they can find a trail to the treasure."

Getting to that trail, however, will be fraught with danger. Whether it's perilous weather conditions and landslides threatening the adventurers or wild mountain lions and Jesuit booby traps, finding the Bolivian gold will be far from simple.

They do have a secret weapon, however. The last man alive to have hunted for the gold, Johnny Irwin, has new information for the Treasure Quest crew, as well as a new theory about the treasure's whereabouts based on his extensive research.

And despite a near-fatal journey on Yungas Road, infamously known as "Death Road," the crew appears to get pretty close to their goal in this teaser.

The crew is overjoyed after finding a man made wall in a hole they dug that leads to an amazing discovery — Spanish coins at the edge of an underground lake.

"I think they buried their horde underneath a big lake," Cowles says, excited at the new development. "We're about to uncover the world's greatest treasure!"

Treasure Quest (produced by MAK Pictures) returns for a new season on Friday, August 24 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery Channel