'Treasure Quest' Adventurers Makes Exciting Discovery in New Clip

The Treasure Quest crew is closing in on the $2 billion Sacambaya treasure.In a new clip from the [...]

The Treasure Quest crew is closing in on the $2 billion Sacambaya treasure.

In a new clip from the Discovery reality series, which airs an all-new episode Friday, tech specialist Jeremy Whalen and demolitions expert Jack Peters make their way to the arroyo described to them by Johnny Irwin, the last man to hunt for the legendary treasure.

Squeezing through tight and rocky ravines, the two look out over the area their adventure has led them to, with Whalen saying, "This doesn't look like anything else in the valley. It's just as Johnny Irwin described it. This is the arroyo, new ground zero."

Discussing what could have washed through here before the waters dried up, Whalen and Peters get excited thinking about what could be buried in the ground right beneath their feet. Breaking out a metal detector and shovel, the two search for the next clue to lead them to the gold hoard for which they search.

"There's something down here," Whalen says excitedly, adding that it seems metallic in nature.

"We're getting close," he says, before shouting, "Jack, there it is right there!"

"Do you know what this means?" he adds, pulling something out of the hole he has dug. "We're on the right path."

The adventurers may be closer than ever to their goal, but it hasn't been an easy mission, facing weather, tough conditions and mysterious clues to follow in search of the treasure.

In the premiere of this season of the Discovery show, the stakes of this hunt were described in a thrilling narration: "A colossal hoard of gold is rumored to be hidden in a remote valley in Western Bolivia. Over the last three centuries, hundreds have died for this legendary treasure that could be worth over $2 billion. Now, a brave group of treasure hunters, armed with a new lead and intel from a century of past attempts, will use cutting-edge technology and heavy equipment to take the valley's dangers head on. And if they can solve the mystery of the Sacambaya, they can find a trail to the treasure."

Is this what the men have been looking for this whole time? Or just another hint on a long and winding trail set by the Sacambaya to fool treasure hunters?

Treasure Quest airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery