'Homestead Rescue' Returns With All-New Season on Discovery (Exclusive)

Get ready for an all-new season of Homestead Rescue. New episodes of the popular homesteading show premiere on Discovery Channel Tuesday, Feb. 28, PopCulture.com can exclusively announce, bringing with them gripping tales of homesteaders across the country and tips on creating a more self-sufficient life. Plus, watch an exclusive sneak peek of what's to come this season above. 

The Raney family is back and continuing on their mission to "save families and their beloved homesteads from the brink of failure as they take on all-new builds and life-changing rescues while sharing lessons in homesteading" in the new season. While many of the homesteaders are looking for a life that's less reliant on modern technology and conveniences as they look to decrease their impact on the environment and search for a more meaningful life, the homesteading lifestyle can be a difficult one – which is where the Raneys come in. 

In the season premiere, Marty, the Raney patriarch, attempts to help a family in Wyoming resurrect an inherited homestead with a tragic legacy, all while unraveling the mystery of an unfinished well. Then, in one of the family's most innovative builds yet, Misty combines a one-of-a-kind aquaponic greenhouse with a new duck sanctuary Matt builds to create a new "duckaponics" system.

Homestead Rescue dives into plenty of other stories this season as well, including the Raneys' rescue of millennial homesteaders in Idaho facing a crumbling mountainside that threatens to crush their cabin. They'll also jump in to help save a family unprepared for the upcoming brutal winter on 300 acres of Alaska's remote Delta Junction and travel to rural Virginia where new homesteaders are struggling to survive on their 11 acres with a failing garden, inadequate water catchment and no shelter other than the old school bus they currently call home. 

And for the first time, the Raney family travels to Washington, where it's already too late to save a homestead's crumbling cabin ahead of the fast-approaching winter.  Don't miss an all-new season of Homestead Rescue when it premieres Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.